May 8, 2020

Market Update and Zoom Security

Why is the stock market going up? When the stock market is experiencing significant volatility, we often find ourselves spending time with clients discussing reasons why it has declined quickly or sharply. In contrast, we are now getting questions about why the market has recently increased when the world is in a global recession and health … Continued

April 27, 2020

Summit Office Update and Other News

Summit Office Update We will continue to keep our office closed to visitors and maintain our remote work environment for the month of May. Protecting the health of you, your families, and our associates continues to be the primary factor for this decision. We are hopeful the gradual reopening process over the next few weeks … Continued

April 15, 2020

News Updates and Unraveling the Mystery of FDIC Coverage

The Best Market Week Since 1974 (as predicted by nobody) No one was anticipating the week of April 6th (technically 4 days since the market was closed for Good Friday) would be one of the best in stock market history. Last week, the S&P 500 gained 12.15%, NASDAQ gained 8.9%, and foreign stocks gained 8.3%. This is … Continued

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