• Retirement peace of mind read more +

    When a physician and her husband came to Summit for a retirement analysis, their advisor recommended which products to keep and which to consolidate or eliminate. Feeling confident that they had more than enough money for retirement, the couple decided to fund their grandchildren’s college savings plans and provide annual gifts to their children. What’s more, since she is no longer worried about money, the physician now devotes more time to work that gives her personal fulfillment.

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  • Investment recommendations read more +

    Several years ago, a young professional was approached by her superior about investing in a substantial commercial real estate development. Even though her earnings were on the uptick and projected returns were promising, the deal required a pledge of assets that far exceeded her current net worth. After several meetings with her Summit advisor, she decided to invest a small percentage of her assets. The deal did not pay off; a larger share would have potentially put her in desperate financial straits.

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  • Redefining life’s goals read more +

    During a planning meeting, a 62-year-old attorney and his wife were asked to write down five accomplishments that defined happiness. Later, their advisor remarked that they had already achieved everything on the list. They left feeling great. The next week, the attorney called to say that he just had one of the best days in his career. “Before our meeting, I was hoping that our financial situation would allow me to retire sooner,” he said. “Now I am wondering how long I can continue to practice law!”

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  • Small business succession planning read more +

    An executive ran a successful family-owned business with his brothers. He hired Summit to prepare his personal financial plan, manage his portfolio and help him assess the buy-sell agreement being negotiated. Because most of his net worth was in the business, if the executive were to become disabled or die, his wife and children would have had no assets until his brother liquidated the company. Summit found solutions to help him feel confident about his family’s financial future.

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  • Tax-Free gift giving read more +

    A couple was advised to make annual tax-free gifts to their children in order to reduce their taxable estate. After her husband passed away, the widow worried that it was unfair to make gifts to her children based on the number of grandchildren involved, because that would divide her money unequally among siblings. Summit helped her resolve this dilemma with annual gifts of equal amounts to each of her three children, who could then decide whether to allocate any of the funds to the grandchildren.

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  • Adjusting cash flow read more +

    A recently retired couple had never needed to budget for cash flow. Upon retirement, they decided to establish $100,000 in cash reserves, using investment accounts for living expenses. This unfamiliar arrangement was very uncomfortable at first. Summit arranged for an amount equal to their pre-retirement paycheck to transfer monthly into their checking account, periodically sweeping some of the extra cash back into investments. The new arrangement has put the clients’ minds at ease.

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  • Purchasing a second home read more +

    A couple in their 60s had been planning their retirement for years. They decided to purchase a second home for the summer months, which would eventually serve as their primary retirement home. Summit assisted them by preparing projections on their finances assuming different values and financing options for their second home, as well as the tax impact of establishing residency in another state. The couple eventually purchased the home with cash and set aside enough money to fund annual maintenance and upkeep.

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