We offer two types of services to best meet our clients’ goals and help them move from Now to Next®.

Wealth Management Services

Our Wealth Management Services build a comprehensive, dynamic plan around your goals that continues to evolve as you move closer to achieving your goals. Typically, we meet six times during our first year together. Going forward, we’ll meet as often as quarterly to review investments and periodically revisit planning topics. Following our first data gathering meeting, we begin to implement your financial plan based on your prioritized goals.

Our Wealth Management Services include data verification and cash flow review, retirement planning, asset allocation and portfolio development, portfolio implementation, account consolidation, investment recommendations and performance reviews, college funding, tax planning, estate planning, tax managed rebalancing and insurance needs and policy reviews.

Investment Advisory Services

We offer our clients a disciplined investment strategy, regular rebalancing, and a customizable investment mix tailored to meet their individual goals.

We want to understand how much movement in the market causes discomfort to our clients and how much risk is necessary to meet their life’s goals. Our first meeting together will focus on data gathering and portfolio development. Once we agree on a blueprint for the portfolio, Summit will manage the assets ongoing within the framework established, reviewing the strategy and investment mix regularly.

Our Investment Advisory services include asset allocation and portfolio development, portfolio implementation, tax managed rebalancing, account consolidation, and investment recommendations and performance reviews.

Please Note: The scope of the services to be provided depends upon the terms of the engagement.

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