Summit Financial Strategies Names Samantha Macchia as President and CEO

Company’s innovative structure allows employees to embrace leadership roles

Summit Financial Strategies announced Samantha Macchia as the next President and CEO of the company. Former President, Ted Saneholtz, will continue to serve as CFO and remain a vital part of the executive team.

“It is an honor to have the opportunity to empower our team to continue thriving under the all-inclusive leadership model we have embraced as a company,” said Macchia, who has been with the company since 1996.

Summit Financial Strategies has developed an “all-inclusive” leadership model, which encourages employees to take an active role in company operations. Summit’s team of financial advisors serve on leadership committees within the company, giving every employee the opportunity to take ownership of various company functions. And from a client partnership standpoint, employees are not restricted to a certain formula – they are encouraged to use their own unique styles and approaches.

“From the get-go, I wanted to create an organization that would thrive well into the future, which meant empowering all of our employees to be leaders,” explained Saneholtz. “Samantha is organized and a strong leader. Her integrity and commitment to our clients will make her a great President.”

Saneholtz hired Macchia, Summit Financial Strategies’ second employee, himself. Since then, she has made clients a priority and served as a role model for the team. Macchia has extensive experience advising clients in the areas of wealth management, financial planning and investments. Her approach to financial advising is aligned with Summit’s investment philosophy: get to know each client one-on-one and create a customized, long-term strategy.

“At Summit Financial Strategies, we take pride in our relationships. Whether it’s with our clients who build individual, lifelong relationships with their advisors, or our associates, who we empower to take on leadership roles, Summit believes people and relationships are the most precious capital we have,” Macchia said.

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