The advantages
we bring you.

At Summit Financial, what we stand for and how we do business is built on TWO key foundations— foundations that we believe are advantageous for you.

One. We are a FIDUCIARY— and an Independent Investment Advisory Firm.

We are not beholden to any family of funds or investment products.

As a fiduciary, we are legally committed to follow a clear-cut rule, that we will act in your best interest, responsibly, and with your motives and goals in mind.


We don’t receive any commissions or kickbacks from funds you invest in or products you use.

And we don’t have any performance-based fees built in.

For you, this foundation is designed to mitigate conflicts of interest.

It elevates transparency. And could even reduce your overall fees—which would ultimately increase the dollars you can invest.

We would love to make promises of grandeur.

That your graphs will always ‘go up and to the right. But we both know that your road will come with obstacles.

What we can promise though, thanks in part to these two core foundations, is that you’ll travel that road, with full TRANSPARENCY from us.

And that we’ll navigate those obstacles together, with your best interests in mind.

Come see how our team might map your Now to Next.