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Five things we stand for & stand against

Real first. Refined second.

In an industry that’s often given off the impression that three-piece-suits, dark mahogany, and 4-syllable words are reflections of success—we’ve simply chosen to not give any conjured impressions at all, but to rather just be exactly who we are. We’re still professional, sophisticated, tireless workers – the best at our craft – and a team that feels privileged to steadfast-serve those we work for. We just don’t believe that faux words and silk ties are the true indicators of class. We believe that people communicate their dreams, struggles and aspirations best when they’re comfortable. We do comfortable.

Servers. Not sellers.

We don’t have salespeople because we don’t need them. ‘Growing fast’ isn’t a part of our mission. Rather, we take care of one person with full fervor, because what we’re caring for is a really big deal. And we believe that if we do that, another will come — and then another. Because we served well. Not because we sold well.

“Smart” is cool.

Our clients want someone they can relate to and someone they can trust. But let’s not fool ourselves. What they also NEED—is “Smart”. We let our studied team members with experience and wisdom lead the way. While welcoming, trusting and leaning on the next generation of prodigies to inspire us to be even better.

We respect our opportunity.

What we get to do for you—is weighty. We’re mapping futures and retirements and legacies. And the joy and pride and peace that come with it. We come to work to enjoy our jobs. And our careers. But we also approach the day with ‘respect’. Because what we do demands it.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion.

At the core of Summit Financial Strategies, we’re a group of humans looking to work for and partner with all people, regardless of what you look like, what you believe in, where you come from, or who you love. We’ve seen firsthand how cultural differences can broaden perspectives, challenge thought patterns, and make us better. We are committed to our current and future efforts toward diversity, equity, and inclusion.



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