Welcome to Summit

This page is a 3-minute experience and introduction to Summit Financial.

A 45-second “Hello.”
A brief look at What Summit Stands For.
And the three key reasons we’re sought after.

Nice to meet you.

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What Summit
stands for

We’re real first. Refined second.

We don’t believe that faux words, dark mahogany, and three-piece suits are reflections of success.

We serve. We don’t sell.
We recruit the smartest of smart, both young and old.
And we respect our opportunity, because what we get to do for you—is weighty.

We map futures and retirements and legacies, and the joy and pride and peace that comes with it.

Three reasons we’re sought-after


We’re a Fiduciary and an Independent Investment Advisory Firm.

We are not beholden to any family of funds or investment products. As a fiduciary, we are legally committed to follow a clear-cut rule, that we will act in your best interest, responsibly, and with your motives and goals in mind.


We’re a Fee-Only Firm.

We don’t receive any commissions or kickbacks from funds you invest in or products you use. And we don’t have any performance-based fees built in.

For you, this mitigates conflicts of interest, elevates transparency and could even reduce your overall fees—which would ultimately increase the dollars you can invest.


We're Dedicated, Transparent Partners.

We return your calls immediately. We don’t take a commission. We often help with more than just investment planning. We have two professionals on your account, not just one. And finally—incredibly important to us—we demand a low ratio of clients to advisors, to ensure you receive the utmost level of attention.

*The CNBC Financial Advisor 100 list is based on a proprietary methodology developed by CNBC in partnership with data provider AccuPoint Solutions, taking into consideration data that’s culled from more than 39,000 RIAs. To learn more about the methodology and the other firms on this year’s list, check out CNBC.com/fa100.