Scherer Non-Profit “Worth the Wait” Supports Cancer Survivors Struggling with Fertility

Summit Partner Mike Scherer knows the difficulty of waiting.

He waited years for his father to beat cancer.
He waited years to conquer cancer himself.
He waited years with his wife, Megan, for their beautiful son Elliott.

Gratitude radiates from this family. But their wins certainly didn’t come without hardship.

After Mike was declared cancer-free, Mike and Megan struggled with fertility. They quickly became all too familiar with the emotional and financial battles that followed. Most private insurance plans do not cover the high costs of fertility preservation, treatment, or adoption – even for cancer survivors.

With a passion to help others who find themselves in similar situations, Mike and Megan decided to start a non-profit called “Worth the Wait” which provides fertility and adoption grants for cancer survivors. They have awarded 5 grants in only 10 months.

100% of donations goes directly to funding grants for survivors.

Recently, NBC4 covered their story:

From NBC4’s “Tell Me More” with Brad Hansen


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